Meet Team Sustainable!

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Meet Stephanie King and Rebecca Porter, the team behind Sustainable Salon Supplies. Both long time Beauty Therapists, Sugaristas and Educators, Stephanie and Rebecca care deeply about the environment and have made it their mission to help reduce consumable waste in the beauty industry. After combined decades on treatment room experience, they decided to partner up and create a simple and easy way for Salons and Spas to go greener and reduce their impact.

Meet Rebecca

Rebecca Porter         

Rebecca Porter is owner of Essential Maintenance in Bristol and focuses on vegan, cruelty free and green beauty treatments. She's also a Sugaring Educator for London Sugaring Company and passionate advocate for environmental issues.


Meet Stephanie      

Stephanie King    

Stephanie King is founder of London Sugaring Company and long time Sugarista and Educator. Stephanie started her journey into clean and green beauty over 13 years ago and has worked tirelessly to help shift both the US and UK beauty industry toward more natural and sustainable beauty treatments and practices.

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Company Details:

Sustainable Salon Supplies is a subsidiary of London Sugaring Company LTD

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